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The Creation of a Pattern Welded Blade
A Tutorial by Robert P. Shyan-Norwalt

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Summer Solstice in Iceland

Medieval Clothing

Early English Architecture:
The Buildings of the Anglo-Saxons, 450 CE to 1066

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The Circle of Ceridwen Saga eBooks!
Book Four is coming in 2014

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For Kindle, iPad/iPhone and Mac and Windows PCs

Circle of Ceridwen
Ceridwen of Kilton
The Claiming

Young women with courage.  Swords with names.  Vikings with tattoos.  Danger.  Passion.  Survival.  Warfare.  Sheep.
And Other Good Things...

These professionally formatted books include the maps, glossaries and beautiful drawings by Marta Roselló in the first book.  These are the stories which you love, but now with the convenience, quality, and flexibility of eBook technology.  I'm so grateful for your faithful attention to my work, and hope you'll enjoy reading, or re-reading, The Circle on your favourite device.  And if you have been impressed by, or loved these books, I hope that you will write a review. That would mean so much.

wes thu hal (be whole and hearty)

How to speak the characters' names

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Dramatic New Novella
The Tale of Melkorka
Available Now Amazon USA and Amazon UK

An adventure story about silence and revenge in 10th century Iceland

A beautiful slave girl. A missing royal daughter. A carefully wrought revenge.
Trailer created by Caleb Mayo and Teena Pugliese

The Tale of Melkorka Cover

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